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19 January 2009 @ 08:56 pm
I haven't updated here in a while, I kind of got off the wagon on telling internet people whats going on lol.

I work at EB Games and it's killer, I'm back playing indoor soccer with an awesome bunch of mates known as Del Piero, Sheva, Cisse, Gerrard and Ibrahimovic and that is really good, soon i'll be playing outdoor for....the Werribee Bees! lol. Terrible name but its the closest club and they're run by Italians :P. I'm going to QLD on the 31st which will be awesome, and I'll be getting contacts for the trip, so I can hit Wet n Wild, just gotta keep my eyes closed so they don't get washed out.

I haven't felt this good in a looooooong time.
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07 December 2007 @ 12:25 am
W.A.S.P. Australian Tour 2008 confirmed dates & venues:



Tickets on sale Monday January 14th 2008.


See W.A.S.P. for the first time on Australian soil
They will be performing 2 gigantic sets
SET 1: The Crimson Idol album in its entirety
SET 2: A mix of old classics and new
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06 September 2007 @ 07:12 am
Well, this is fucking awesome and I knew it'd happen.

It has just been confirmed that Iron Maiden will be touring Australia. Their Melbourne show is on Feb 6 at Rod Laver Arena.

Tickets will go on sale on September 27

Get ready to snap these up, people, it's gonna be huge.
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01 August 2007 @ 09:01 pm
I'm just the paint, you paint the picture
the times are changing so fast, i wonder how long it lasts
Moon don't tell me lies, don't let me roam forever
Out on the streets for a living, pictures only begun.

When I see what i want I'm gonna take it
I see the sun in the sky for now, it is not for me
Walking these dirty streets, with hate in my mind
We walk in the shadows

It comes, from the depths, of a place, unknown, to the keeper, of dreams
I wonder why I wonder how, that it seems the powers getting stronger every day
Hero of the night, blood and thunder, rushing through me
Unstoppable Force

Yesterday seems as though it never existed
My entire life, passing before my eyes
Lost and stranded far away from home
Inside, so deep inside, you will die if I don't dream anymore

Something evil's watching over you
Searching in the darkness, running from the day
Running across the dark way, bleeding but still alive
Make friends with your nightmares
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09 July 2007 @ 04:35 pm
Well yes, I've been slack over the last few weeks, but the truth is that Dave has not been thinking about anything. Nothing, nothing at all, absolutely zilch. "How?" one says, well it's very simple...

ANYWAY, Dave finally had a thought. It happened a week ago and only came to my attention this afternoon.

Tension has been rising between Anthony and himself, words were exchanged one night, Dave stormed out, not without him giving Anthony the finger. The tiff was about who stole Dave's last beer from his car.

We were all at Grant's house just chilling out, having a few drinks while listening to tunes. Grant was getting a bit excited as we were watching the Andromeda DVD. Dave got up and said "I gotta go to the toilet" we were all like "Ok" So off he went. Tony, proceeded to go the shifty eyes as he sneakily rose out of his seat and proceeded to the holy toilet of steel, thunder and fire. I looked up and said "The hell are you up to?" "Oh nothing." Was the reply. The crafty son of a bitch ran up the stairs, burst through the toilet door, to Dave's horror. We heard a loud yelp, along with "Get the fuck out unless you're gonna hold it" Anthony snatched the keys from Dave while he was in the toilet and ran for it, dodging tables, chairs, pet animals and doors, knowing full well the brews was stashed somewhere in the kroutinghagen.

"Well, what was odd." we all said, looking puzzled at each other. Dave was PISSED. He was pacing around, talking to himself, answering his questions like a crazy person. Tension has gone to boiling point, so far that Order of Orias will never be the same again. Dave has been thinking of a replacement singer. It came to him on one long drive to Fawkner.

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17 June 2007 @ 11:23 pm

This is the "band" that is destroying the once great theme song of the Transformers. They have made it the most worst sounding cover of a song that absolutely rocked back in the 80s. As a Generation 1 elitist, I am appalled and disappointed but am I really shocked? No, not really. I could see it coming a mile away. Michael "Motherless ----" Bay couldn't weave gold from a movie like this if his directorial career was on the line, even though it apparently has been, seeing that all his films have been utter horse shit. But nay, he still goes on and goes on and goes on. Another supporter of the cause and fellow G1 Elitist, Anthony says that Stan Bush, the man who wrote and performed "The Touch" and "Dare" from the 80s film, wrote 2 new songs, but was denied. ------- denied. By Michael. -------. Bay. I have added the band, and i will proceed to tell them what I think of their song.

Will you do the same?
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06 June 2007 @ 09:47 pm
What's Dave Thinking?

That's right, it's that time of the week again. This weeks edition brings one of Dave's biggest dilema's ever. On one side he sees a legend, on the other he sees the softer side of a legend. All i can say is that Dave pondered long and hard on this one.


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Geelong was fantastic, congrats go to Raud and the guys for a great set, well done. I won't bore anyone of the details of our trip with Anthony, Grant and Pete, but it was a blast.

Anyhow, on to more pressing issues. I forgot last weeks installment of What's Dave Thinking? And i do apologise. To make up for this shocking revelation i will post two What's Dave Thinking? Links.




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11 May 2007 @ 06:31 pm
When I did my first exhibition, it was just for a laugh, but seeing as how I've gotten a really good response from them, I've decided to do another one.

Not having photoshop makes things really difficult, good ol' paint just can't cut it with some things, i.e Grant's exhibition debut, wouldn't look good just cut and pasted, it needs to be an Anthony job, by that i mean fucking excellent. :P

So anyway, without further ado, i bring you, Exhibition 2!

My first one was conceived by accident. I was watching a fantastic 80s clip, i stumbled upon a scene where one of my heroes looked in a bit of pain, and i wondered to myself "Albert, why is he in pain?" This is why...


This next photo was supplied to me by the fantastic Anthony, who, and i quote said "I'm going to regret this." Maybe so, but you'll have a laugh. Enjoy.


Here is my new segment, i call it What's Dave Thinking? Every week, my good friend and companion, David "Kroutinghagen" Adelberg stars in his very own one picture show, showcasing what Dave is REALLY thinking. From the internet, to world politics...What's Dave Thinking?


My final masterpiece. This piece was spawned by looking at one of the shirts of my friend, who i affectionately call "Little Pete". Little Pete and I were listening to tunes at his house when i saw this shirt...i looked it over for a few minutes, then it came to me. An album cover worthy to grace my cd. Enjoy, friends.


That's all for this week, stay tuned for another exhibition...maybe.

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When I get bored, I get REALLY bored, to the point where I start doing stupid shit. Thanks to little Anthony, I now know how to put pictures as myspace comments, let's just say that I've gone to town on those fuckers. As I don't have photoshop...yet, I have been using good ol' paint to flesh out my creations. I was told by Mr Krash (Chris for all you people who have been living under rocks and away from glam) to put these creations on lj for all to see. I rubbed my hairless chin and stared into space, when it hit me, the answer was..."YES".

So, without much further ado, i bring you my creations. Enjoy.

My first piece was spawned by Mr. Thrash, known as Jeff. Mr Justice loves his thrash, and his name happens to be Jeff Justice. Chris and I decided that it sounds like a superhero. I decided to go on a hunt for Jeff Justice, but to no avail. No superhero pictures were found...except this.


Everyone loves a good catchphrase, and another that came to mind was from Jeff speaking shit at Ragnarok. I gave it a little twist.


This one was created by me trawling through myspace, which is how I got most of these pics. Good ol' Grimey (Dave) has a very good picture in his pictures section of his myspace profile, i decided it needed a little more style, a little more flair, that's how Dave became the nanny, or...just Dave...anyway enjoy.


My next picture came from another night at Ragnarok, where Prain, Jeff, myself and a few others kept on saying this.


and this


My last picture, and the one that i deem the best, is dedicated to my friend and companion, Robert "Hellprain" Prain. I wish to thank him for uploading this picture to myspace, and i wish to thank the person who said that they thought his name was Hellprawn, you made me lol. When creating this picture, i thought i was going insane. I laughed for about 30 minutes. It wasn't "hahaha" laughter for the most part, it was cackling.

Friends, i give you...Hellprawn!


There will be more pictures, no one is safe from my boredom. I'd like to thank everyone for their inspiration. I love you all. To the OoO boys...there will be more pictures of you guys :P

Take care.

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